PANEL: Innovation: Evolving in a digital market

4:10 pm

2020 was a year of accelerated digital transformation and innovation remains necessary to stay relevant and competitive amidst rapidly changing markets. How can companies create a culture of innovation and skillfully lead? Hear from key leaders as they share how the industry has progressed and where we are heading.

  • Understanding the role of innovation in the business and leadership principles
  • Finding client success in a remote world
  • Virtual leadership: successfully managing a hybrid workforce
  • Creating learning opportunities for skill development
  • What’s next – emerging technology trends in 2022 and beyond
  • Colleen Dennehy
    Colleen Dennehy

    Network Sales Manager

    Mike Pero

  • Adrienne Church
    Adrienne Begbie

    Managing Director


  • Glenys Holden
    Glenys Holden

    Chief Executive Officer

    Norfolk Mortgage Trust

  • Eugene Bartsaikin
    Eugene Bartsaikin

    Managing Director

    Twine Financial Advisers

  • Tahei Simpson
    Tahei Simpson

    Mortgage Adviser

    Vega Lend

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