PANEL: How to develop and strengthen your resilience

11:50 am

Resilience is one of most important traits of a successful leader and having the ability to adapt and overcome challenges is key in this unpredictable business environment. This session will feature leaders as they share moments that required resilience and how they overcame obstacles.

  • What is resilience and how can you assess your own level of resilience?
  • What essential techniques can you use for resilience training?
  • Self-awareness, mental agility, optimism, and other traits to focus on
  • Tips for how to cope with stress and to improve performance
  • Colleen Dennehy
    Colleen Dennehy

    Network Sales Manager

    Mike Pero

  • Jacque Elias
    Jacque Elias

    Director, CEO


  • Sarah Johnson
    Sarah Johnston


    Astute Financial

  • Ping Liu
    Ping Liu

    Chief Risk Officer

    UDC Finance

  • Teresa Tepania-Ashton
    Teresa Tepania-Ashton

    Māori Women's Development

    Chief Executive Officer

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