PANEL: Effective mental health strategies

2:10 pm

Mental health issues have been on the rise since the start of COVID-19 and as we continue to experience changing conditions at home and at work, many organisations are prioritising the mental wellbeing of their employees. This session will discuss best practices for creating a positive work environment that truly supports your team.

  • Developing effective initiatives to manage mental health and stress for a remote workforce
  • Establishing a culture of support through empathetic leadership
  • Mindfulness, apps, and other tools to promote self-care
  • Promoting and supporting mental health discussions in the workplace
  • Creating psychological safety in the C-Suite
  • Colleen Dennehy
    Colleen Dennehy

    Network Sales Manager

    Mike Pero

  • Elyce Peters
    Elyce Peters

    Director and Mobile Mortgage Adviser

    The Mortgage Girls

  • Michelle Russell
    Michelle Russell

    General Manager, Talent & Culture


  • Michelle Sargeant
    Michelle Sargeant

    National Sales Manager New Zealand

    Pepper Money

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