29th July 2021, Hilton Auckland

9:00 am

Opening remarks from the chair

Colleen Dennehy

Network Sales Manager, Mike Pero

9:05 am

Welcome remarks from the event partner

Bluestone Home Loans

Sue Griffiths

Head of Sales, New Zealand, Bluestone Mortgages

9:10 am

KEYNOTE: Finding purpose in your career

In this inspiring keynote, Katrina shares her career journey and how it has shaped her values as a C-suite leader and developed the desire to continuously make a difference in people’s lives.

Katrina Shanks

Chief Executive Officer, Financial Advice NZ

9:50 am

Advanced networking strategies

We can all have a conversation, but how do you build meaningful, productive connections? In this session, you will learn about the art of listening and key tools you can implement to enrich both business and personal interactions.

  • Understanding the value of networking
  • What questions should you ask to build connections?
  • Strategies for business development and client management
  • Finetuning your networking craft at every stage of your career
  • How do you go beyond a conversation and grow a relationship?
Paulette Trotter

Mortgage Adviser, Loan Market

10:30 am

Speed networking

Expand your network, make connections and meet fellow delegates in a structured networking session.

11:20 am

Confessions of a recovering workaholic

Juggling a family and career is a challenge many women face, but when you’re trying to do it all, burnout can be a serious risk to your mental and physical health. This session will provide a personal insight into one woman’s experiences along with practical tips and suggestions on what to do (and what not to do!) to keep moving forward during tough times.

  • The why and how of building a strong network of peers
  • Practical strategies to manage stress and avoid burnout
  • How to find the confidence to take opportunities
  • How managers and workplaces can promote balance in their teams
Sue Griffiths

Head of Sales, New Zealand, Bluestone Mortgages

11:50 am

PANEL: How to develop and strengthen your resilience

Resilience is one of most important traits of a successful leader and having the ability to adapt and overcome challenges is key in this unpredictable business environment. This session will feature leaders as they share moments that required resilience and how they overcame obstacles.

  • What is resilience and how can you assess your own level of resilience?
  • What essential techniques can you use for resilience training?
  • Self-awareness, mental agility, optimism, and other traits to focus on
  • Tips for how to cope with stress and to improve performance


Colleen Dennehy

Network Sales Manager, Mike Pero


Jacque Elias

Director, CEO, Futurebound

Sarah Johnston

CEO, Astute Financial

Ping Liu

Chief Risk Officer, UDC Finance

Teresa Tepania-Ashton

Māori Women's Development, Chief Executive Officer

12:40 pm
1:30 pm

Approaching social media with a strategy

With increasing technology, no matter what your role is, there is an expectation to stay current and have an online presence. Social media is rapidly influencing the face of the industry, not just from a business perspective but also from a personal development standpoint. This session will examine how you can use social media to boost your career.

  • How to develop your online profile as a vehicle for new opportunities
  • Tips for creating valuable social media interactions
  • Advice for setting boundaries between social media and your work
  • Beyond LinkedIn: Ways to utilize different cross-channel communication platforms
Lisa East

Managing Director, The Content Agency

2:10 pm

PANEL: Effective mental health strategies

Mental health issues have been on the rise since the start of COVID-19 and as we continue to experience changing conditions at home and at work, many organisations are prioritising the mental wellbeing of their employees. This session will discuss best practices for creating a positive work environment that truly supports your team.

  • Developing effective initiatives to manage mental health and stress for a remote workforce
  • Establishing a culture of support through empathetic leadership
  • Mindfulness, apps, and other tools to promote self-care
  • Promoting and supporting mental health discussions in the workplace
  • Creating psychological safety in the C-Suite


Colleen Dennehy

Network Sales Manager, Mike Pero


Elyce Peters

Director and Mobile Mortgage Adviser, The Mortgage Girls

Michelle Russell

General Manager, Talent & Culture, ANZ

Michelle Sargeant

National Sales Manager New Zealand, Pepper Money

3:40 pm

Challenging gender stereotypes and biases

Successful leaders embrace different perspectives, and often this uniqueness is what allows individuals to naturally thrive. How do gender stereotypes play a role in achieving your potential as a leader in the workplace? How can rising and established leaders confidently and authentically address gender biases? In this session, Cath will share real examples of achieving incredible goals without sacrificing her values.

Cath Lomax

Chief Client Officer, Fisher Funds

4:10 pm

PANEL: Innovation: Evolving in a digital market

2020 was a year of accelerated digital transformation and innovation remains necessary to stay relevant and competitive amidst rapidly changing markets. How can companies create a culture of innovation and skillfully lead? Hear from key leaders as they share how the industry has progressed and where we are heading.

  • Understanding the role of innovation in the business and leadership principles
  • Finding client success in a remote world
  • Virtual leadership: successfully managing a hybrid workforce
  • Creating learning opportunities for skill development
  • What’s next – emerging technology trends in 2022 and beyond


Colleen Dennehy

Network Sales Manager, Mike Pero


Adrienne Begbie

Managing Director, Prospa.

Glenys Holden

Chief Executive Officer, Norfolk Mortgage Trust

Eugene Bartsaikin

Managing Director, Twine Financial Advisers

Tahei Simpson

Mortgage Adviser, Vega Lend

5:00 pm
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